When it comes to tying the knot, one of the things that come into mind is none other than the wedding cake. Like the bride and the groom, a wedding reception will not be complete without its bridal cake. Not only can it be served to guest at the wedding dinner, it also serves as the centerpiece for this once-in-a-life-time ceremony.

At Cakes Corner, we understand the significance of the role this harmonious-looking cake plays. Like a piece of the puzzle that completes the memorable occasion, we offer nothing but the finest work-of-art from our talented artists. The masterpieces we offer are not only extravagant but also simply delicious; made from the freshest ingredients and also from our passion to serve the best cakes. To make things more flawless, we are online-based so we have lower overhead cost and there for affordable pricing.

The best part is that you can customize the design and tailor it to your marriage theme. Whether you want a classic wedding cake, single tier or multi-tiers, decorative fondant cake or more to ornate style, a spectacular cake? Chocolate flavor? Red Velvet Cake? Cakes Corner will provide the best affordable service.

This is the one moment you say “I do”.  Make it a memorable.

Ingredients Matter

Often commercial bakeries have to balance out the cost of ingredients and other overhead cost against the final price but here at Cakes Corner, with all the benefits of a home-based premise, we can reduce that overhead cost and instead use high quality ingredients.

Commonly when it comes to butter, most commercial places go for bulk butter to reduce the cost. The issue here is that the quality may not be the best. Fortunately for us, we have the room to use high quality butter imported from the New Zealand or from the US. As butter is one of the main ingredients in most cakes, it is absolutely necessary to have the best quality we can find. Once you try our cakes, you will definitely know the difference

This also applies for our other ingredients such as milk, cheese, flavorings, and colorings. Often commercial cake stores get their colorings from our neighbouring Indonesian suppliers. These coloring prices are more competitive but it will definitely stain the fingers and it is hard to come off, unlike the ones we use which are from America. So imagine consuming it!

When it comes to milk and cheese, we all know that New Zealand has the freshest air-flown branded products there is in the market. All these is possible because of the lesser overhead cost we have.

Our bakers and cake artists pride themselves on only serving the best quality cakes there is for a reasonable price.

Wedding Cake Guide

This is a once in a lifetime cake so it may be a little tougher to decide with all the wedding choices there is around but fret not! Cakes Corner has come up with a simple guide for you to narrow down what u want.

First and foremost, choose a cake that you will be absolutely satisfied with. Your happiness is utmost important. Be it a formal, conventional or just a relaxed simple wedding cake. Whatever makes you delighted.

  1. When to Begin looking? At least 4-6 months before the wedding, you can start finalizing the design, and reserve a professional cake service provider
  2. Whom to Order From? There are few options here. First you can contact the hotel or the caterer for the reception or contact us, speciality-cake designer at Cakes Corner.
  3. Be sure to familiarize and understand the Cake artist’s works (picture below) in order to know the quality that you should be expecting.
  4. Next, comes the Cost. The cost depends on mainly two things. The number of servings and how elaborated the design is. Wedding Cakes can range from a few hundred to a few thousand.
  5. A few thousand!? Don’t worry, there a ways to reduce that cost. Simply have a smaller wedding cake for slicing while having a normal cake to feed the guests. Another option is to have a fake tier cake with one slice of cake to slice while serving the guests with normal cake. For more cost saving tips, please contact us.
  6. There will usually be a deposit of 50% for the cake and the remainder to be paid of a week or two before the wedding reception.
  7. Design. It should reflect the style of the wedding (Traditional? Modern? Relaxed? Simple? Red? White?) as well as the bride and groom’s personal taste. It is, after all your once in a lifetime cake.
  8. For more advice on the tiers, shapes and size of the cake, please contact us.
  9. Frosting. There is alot of choices for the frosting as well. From Buttercream, Fondant, Rolled Fondant, Marzipan, Royal icing, Meringue. All of the frosting have their own features and depending on the place of reception (outdoors/indoors) and design. If you like to know more, we can help you decide, just drop us a message.
  10. Decorations. The design can be inspired by the theme of the bridal, Flowers? Ribbons? Pearls? Our cake artists can recreate any of the decorations to be edible. View picture below. Sugar coated fruits can also be used for a less formal wedding. Patterns and details can be suggested or chosen. The best way is to work with your wedding cake designer.
  11. A snow-white cake is conventional but the bride and groom is free to choose any decide whatever makes them happy.
  12. Flavors have personalities as well, so try to reflect the mood of the wedding or get advice from us here at Cakes Corner.

“Chocolate is dacadent, vanilla is luscious and pure, spices are autumnal, and lemon is bright and tart.

A plain cake that taste wonderful will be as well remembered as one covered in painstakingly crafted gum-paste flowers.”

Why Choose Our Cakes

Here at Cakes Corner, we guaranty the best and freshest ingredients, coupled along with talented experienced bakers and cake artists.

  1. Home-based. Lesser overhead cost equates to more affordable cakes
  2. High quality imported and freshest ingredients
  3. Experienced and very talented cake artists
  4. Highly customisable. Less sugar? No problem. One-of-a-kind design request? Sure.
  5. Swift delivery and surprise delivery within Kuching
  6. Unsure what cake to get? We can guide you and help you all the way
  7. Affordable pricing and various cake artists to accommodate budget
  8. Operator is 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays
  9. Quick response time
  10. You do not have to even leave your room to buy a cake!
  11. Friendly and professional staff.
  12. Plenty of flavors and varieties of cakes to choose from
  13. One-of-a kind design
  14. Low on phone bill? Leave us a message and we will contact you instead!
  15. Every cake you need in one place. No more hunting cake stores or facebook pages.
How To Store Leftover Wedding Cakes

Traditionally, western practice usually keeps the top tier cake to have it on their first year anniversary. So how do keep a cake for a year? The steps are as below.

First and foremost, inform your caterer and staff that you intend to preserve the top tier of you cake to take home.

  • Secondly, assign a reliable person such as your sister, bridesmaid or wedding planner (definitely not the ones going on honeymoon!) to loosely wrap or store it in an air-tight container because we will need to harden the icing before we do the final wrappings. Also remember to get them to remove any decorations,
  • Place the cake in the refrigerator so that the icing can “set”, about 30 minutes. It should be properly sealed to prevent moisture loss and also to prevent any pungent smell from entering the cake.
  • Now that the cake has a harden icing, it is time to wrap this cake for good and only see it in a years time. Cover the cake fully with plastic wrap, as tight as possibly can.
  • After several layers of plastic wrappings, next wrap it with at least two layers of aluminum foil.
  • Then put it in a Ziploc bag (airtight) while taking as much air out of the bag and finally zipping it.
  • Also remember to mark it as to remind you that this is your wedding cake. We won’t want you wondering what is inside and accidentally finding out by prematurely opening it before your anniversary.

One year later….

  • Time to eat your cake. Begin defrosting a day in advance in the refrigerator and remove the mummified wrappings and leave it in room temperature the last hour before serving. That way, it will taste the best.
  • Another way would be to skip all these steps and order a similar cake as your top tier wedding cake from Cakes Corner. Just provide us the picture and we will recreate the same cake for you to remember and enjoy without the hassle of freezing.

Notes: Different types of cakes do differently when freezing. Some hold up better than others.  The simple cakes such as chocolate or carrot are more likely to stay moist and have a longer shelf life compared to something more delicate (angel cakes or cakes with custards, creams or pudding fillings). To know how to keep other type of cakes, click here.

To keep your cakes with the proper method, please contact us for further advice.

With delivery service right to your doorstep or pick-up arrangements, your beautiful wedding cake is just a click away! To learn more about delivery terms, please contact us or call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263

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