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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko

A letter of commitment to our existing and future vendors

Here at Cakes Corner, we do not only supply but also we take into priority on our after sales support. What this means is that we strongly emphasize on hand-holding your business together till it runs smoothly.

What to expect from our support:

There are always room for improvements. Trials and errors to find out what your customers come back for and what will attract newer customers. Tweaking the menu as needed every round to suit the targeted market.

We’ve plenty of startup cafés that we supply to and more importantly for us, is to help expose their brilliant new cafés with their individual concepts. We can always start early and build anticipation by showing works of your renovation, the theme of the café and a little sneak peak of your menu.

FREE training on preparation of the menus provided. There will of course be menus that would need slight preparation before serving but worry not. We will minimize all that and even if there are preparations, it can be done by anyone with our simple steps. Furthermore, our line is open for any advice you need.

Knowing and understanding the peak days of the business will help optimize the efficiency and freshness of your menus. Additionally, rotating the menus for every few days to test out what works best.

How do we do all these? Not to brag but as our site is being ranked number 1 in Kuching google search for the right keywords typed in google, is no mere coincidence. We have implemented Search Engine Optimization for google and we will definitely without question, help our vendors till the end. There is no way we will just supply and let you fend for yourself.

We will go all out (based on the terms agreed) in our social media platforms (dedicated blog post, Facebook, Instagram) to create exposure from our list of laser targeted traffic. This is the IT age, no other supplier is even doing this yet alone have social platforms.

“Your business, is our business”

To your success,










Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
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