It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Who is in the mood to receive presents and sing jolly Christmas songs? Accompany this joyous festival with a moist and mouth-watering fruitcake. Christmas is not complete without one.

Cakes Corner’s Fruit Cake is a homemade cake filled with premium chopped dried fruits, nuts and cherries that you cannot resist.  The crumbly and hearty cake is lightly laced with brandy for its unique and trademark taste. However if you prefer yours without alcohol, we would gladly substitute brandy with concentrated orange juice. Leave your worries behind as the fruits of our labour will still taste awesome. Our Fruit Cake is meticulously prepared by baking it at low temperature and long hours with slow cooking in order to obtain the best results. For a better taste, order your Fruit Cake one month ahead of Christmas and keep it in the refrigerator. Its flavour will develop and become even tastier in time. Our Fruit Cake never fails to impress any our customers. The satisfied smile on your face is the best Christmas gift to us..

Take a look at our carrot cake.

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