Carrots are such versatile and amazing ingredient. They can be made into many types of desserts with the options of being raw or baked. There are carrot cupcakes, muffins, pops, cakes, pies, puddings and even waffles. Look at the endless possibilities of creating new and unique recipes with carrots. There is even a day dedicated to them and it’s called National Carrot Cake Day.

A carrot cake is basically a cake which contains shredded carrots (duh!) and optional ingredients such as nuts, raisins or pecans. It resembles a quick bread in method of preparation, the process includes mixing all the wet ingredients such as eggs and sugar and dry ingredients together. Thus the final consistency of the carrot cake is normally denser than a traditional cake and has a coarser crumb. As the final touch, it is topped with thick cream cheese frosting or icing sugar and lemon juice. With that said, Cakes Corner believes that it should be National Carrot Cake Day everyday! Our Carrot Cake is soft, dense, and full of the health benefits a carrot has to offer. It’s deliciously nutritious and good for the eyesight. Furthermore, it can be kept longer than many other types of cakes as it is relatively moist. Order our Carrot Cake and be a part of the carrot madness..

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