Red Velvet Cake is an internationally famous cake and has been an all-time favorite for decades. With its dark or bright red colors, one can easily identify this luscious traffic-stopping cake anywhere. This red brown cake is often layered accompanied with creamy cheese frostings or roux icing to give it that white contrast over the striking red.

Here at Cakes Corner, we emphasize on our Red Devil’s cake to not only be eye-catching but also excite the taste buds with its moist, light and fluffy texture by simply providing the freshest ingredients and the passion of baking high quality confections. With a tinged of cocoa flavor and the perfect texture, Cakes Corner talent can custom this cake to suit your occasion, be it as your sugar-sweet wedding cake, birthday cake or for Valentine’s day or even as cupcakes for something out of the norm!

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With delivery service right to your doorstep or pick-up arrangements, your striking red cake is just a click away! To learn more about delivery terms, please contact us or call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263

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