Ready for something funky? Ready for something different? Looking for something sweet yet smaller than a cake? Cakes Corner presents cupcakes! Cupcake alone sometimes called fairy cake or patty cake are basically mini-cakes baked and frosted to serve for one lucky person. But why stop at one? Happiness is to be shared! Let’s make a dozen unique and creative cupcakes!

Not only are they sweet and rich with taste, they are a magnificent as decorations and very pleasing to the eyes. So much creativity can be poured into this little tasty mini-cakes. Why make one cake when you can make dozens of mini-cakes all with different personalities and flavors?

Here at our humble Cakes Corner, we make sure we bake this little goodies with freshest ingredients to perfection; fresh daily from the oven. Make them for a celebration cupcakes, birthday cupcakes, graduation cupcakes, valentine cupcakes. The sky is the limit!

Scroll down and feast your eyes on our finest cupcakes galore.

Ingredients Matter
How To Choose The Right Cake
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How To Store Cupcakes

With delivery service right to your doorstep or pick-up arrangements, your perfect cake is just a click away! To learn more about delivery terms, please contact us or call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263

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Don’t mind getting your hands dirty? Create and design your very own cupcake with our simple recipe.



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