Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day Malaysia: 8 May 2022 (Sunday)

It’s time again, Kuchingnites! To shower our appreciation for that one lady who has carried us for 9 months then go through intense pain to bring us into this world and to forever take care of us with the love and selflessness that only God can compare. As a mother of 3, I would do anything for them to my dying breath. So I know what mother’s go through all too well. If you are planning to gift your mom with a truly special Mother’s Day, then you found the right place. On this special day, Cakes Corner will guide you through and help suggest or even help deliver/surprise to that special lady in your life.

So, how do you express your heartfelt gratitude to your mother on Mother’s Day? You will buy her a gift, take her out for a nice meal and spend the day with her, won’t you? These are definitely very thoughtful acts and will get your mom all excited and really appreciate what you are going to do for her. But can something be done to make this special day more memorable not only for that day but till the next mother’s day and possible for the rest of her life?

It’s an absolute YES! Finding the perfect cake for Mother’s Day for your beloved mother and use it to tell her how much you appreciate her can be gratifying. Gifting a cake to your mother on mother’s day exceptionally has a way of telling her what you feel for her. In fact, Mother’s Day Cakes have long been a part of showing our mothers how much we care about them. But what cakes though? Why worry about that, friends? We know exactly what to do. Click here to find out what Cakes we offer for this special occasion.

WAIT! There’s more. You might be thinking, “huh? Cake? That’s it?” No. Every mother’s day cake we provide, we will also couple it up with a FREE carnation flower or flowers (deco on the cake). On top of that, if you can plan it early, we can prepare other gifts such as handmade mother’s day cards and anything under the sun you can think of for this special day.

You might already know or not but Cakes Corner offers surprise delivery to within Kuching, planning a surprise would be way easier to pull off. Which mother wouldn’t like that?

To those that are not in Kuching physically but their mom is, we will be your life-saver with no extra charge. You know what to do, find us! Call us! Email us! We can plan something with you and do a surprise.

For more info on what cake we will offer please click here

Need more than just cake? Find some ideas here.

We understand that time can be of the essence. Skip all that and directly call/whatsapp us at +6011-1988 6263 or email us at [email protected] and we can arrange everything for you.


Mother’s Day Cake

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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
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