Too many selections and can’t decide what cheesecake to order? Why not try Cakes Corner’s Hazelnut Cheesecake. It’s delicious, rich and exquisite, not like any other ordinary cheesecake. Don’t let the picture fool you. It has a full hazelnut flavour from the bottom to the top, beginning with the crust which is made from crushed hazelnuts to the hazelnut filling spread throughout the cream cheese portion. With that said, should we remind you that only hazelnuts of distinct quality are chosen? Their skins are removed and then they are toasted to perfection. In addition, chocolate is added to our Hazelnut Cheesecake to create that creamy chocolatey flavour to go along with those crunchy hazelnuts. It’s a whole different experience, the cake may look simple but you’ll be surprised when you take a bite out of it 😉

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