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Sarawak’s infamous Layer Cake or better known as Kek Lapis Sarawak, is a traditional handcrafted layer cake which is uniquely a signature of Sarawak. Besides the good ol’ original flavor, Cakes Corner now present you with innovative flavors as well such as chocolate cheese, Peppermint, Coffee and even Pandan; combining with exceptional patterns like the watermelon pattern, fish scale and many more patterns. Scroll down and be impressed by the creativity of Sarawak!

Here at Cakes Corner, the uniqueness of our Kek Lapis is incomparable as our recipe has been brought down from generations to generations. Baked with patience, more than 8 tedious hours and filled with love, this artwork is not only a masterpiece to the eyes but can also deliciously revive your taste buds.

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Kek Lapis Menu

Basic layers (Pictures in the gallery below)

  • Original Flavor
  • Chocolate Cheese
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Pandan

Unique Patterns

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Ingredients Matter

Often commercial bakeries have to balance out the cost of ingredients and other overhead cost against the final price but here at Cakes Corner, with all the benefits of a home-based premise, we can reduce that overhead cost and instead use high quality ingredients.

Commonly when it comes to butter, most commercial places go for bulk butter to reduce the cost. The issue here is that the quality may not be the best. Fortunately for us, we have the room to use high quality butter imported from the New Zealand or from the US. As butter is one of the main ingredients in most cakes, it is absolutely necessary to have the best quality we can find. Once you try our cakes, you will definitely know the difference

This also applies for our other ingredients such as milk, cheese, flavorings, and colorings. Often commercial cake stores get their colorings from our neighbouring Indonesian suppliers. These coloring prices are more competitive but it will definitely stain the fingers and it is hard to come off, unlike the ones we use which are from America. So imagine consuming it!

When it comes to milk and cheese, we all know that New Zealand has the freshest air-flown branded products there is in the market. All these is possible because of the lesser overhead cost we have.

Our bakers and cake artists pride themselves on only serving the best quality cakes there is for a reasonable price.

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How to Choose the Right Kek Lapis

When it comes to Kek Lapis, some of us may be overwhelmed by the many patterns, flavors and colors we have to offer.

Below are some guides to help you choose the cake you want

  1. Firstly, check on the craftsmanship of the Kek Lapis. The pattern line that separate each color should be visible and not blurred out in the colors and patterns
  2. The complexity of the patterns itself. The more you end up wondering “How did they do that?” the more skills is needed to mesmerize you the better
  3. The symmetry of the patterns is also very important
  4. Next, look at the colors of each pattern, it must be harmonious, none too striking than the other
  5. Then comes the flavor, contact us to know more about the flavors we offer
  6. Make sure the ingredients used are of quality
  7. Make sure it is from a reputable cake artist and check out their masterpiece down below
  8. Contact us for further inquiries or to make the order
  9. Place a deposit and agree on the date, time and location
  10. Wait for the cake to arrive and enjoy!

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Why Choose Our Cakes

Here at Cakes Corner, we guaranty the best and freshest ingredients, coupled along with talented experienced bakers and cake artists.

  1. Home-based. Lesser overhead cost equates to more affordable cakes
  2. High quality imported and freshest ingredients
  3. Experienced and very talented cake artists
  4. Highly customisable. Less sugar? No problem. One-of-a-kind design request? Sure.
  5. Swift delivery and surprise delivery within Kuching
  6. Unsure what cake to get? We can guide you and help you all the way
  7. Affordable pricing and various cake artists to accommodate budget
  8. Operator is 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays
  9. Quick response time
  10. You do not have to even leave your room to buy a cake!
  11. Friendly and professional staff.
  12. Plenty of flavors and varieties of cakes to choose from
  13. One-of-a kind design
  14. Low on phone bill? Leave us a message and we will contact you instead!
  15. Every cake you need in one place. No more hunting cake stores or facebook pages.

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Our Kek Lapis artist is a veteran in her field. Skills honed from decades of experience and success leads to this unique patterns original from her own creation. The results show by many celebrities and ministers that come by to order.

She has been interviewed in several local Malaysian Channels such as Astro AEC and NTV7; followed by interviews and write-up on magazines. Take a look at her interview with Astro AEC celebrity Ah Xian here. Or look click here to read about her achievements.

How To Keep Your Kek Lapis Fresh

As tasty as it is, there may be some leftovers to be kept for the next day. Below are the proper and simple steps to store the Kek Lapis so it will stay fresh for the longest time. Please be reminded there are no preservatives in this traditional cake so it will not last unless stored correctly.

  • Once there are leftovers, wrap it up in plastic food wrappings and refrigerate in the chiller, it will last 1 week. If in the freezer, it can last 3-4 months. Be sure to wrap tightly with no air trapped inside. A vacuum bag can also be used.
  • If it is stored in an air tight container, it can last in room temperature without refrigeration for 4-5 days. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • If it is already wrapped properly for delivery, it can last in room temperature for 2-3 days.
  • Once you have a frozen kek lapis, just leave it in room temperature for half an hour and it will turn tender and soft again.

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We provide international and local delivery service also pick-up arrangements. Sarawak’s signature cake is at your fingertips! To learn more about delivery terms or to order, please contact us or call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263

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Bahasa Melayu

Kek Lapis dari Sarawak yang terkenal ini adalah kek kraftangan tradisional yang beraneka lapisan. Di Cakes Corner, selain rasa original, kami juga ada rasa LagiSmallberinnovasi seperti Cokolat Keju, Horlick, Oreo Keju, Cappucino, Chocoberry; bersama corak luar biasa seperti corak tembikai, sisik ikan dan banyak lagi. Scroll ke bawah untuk dikagumkan oleh kreativiti Sarawak!

Keunikan kek lapis kami tiada tandingannya disebabkan resipi kami di turunkan dari generasi ke generasi. Diperbuat dengan penuh kesabaran, lebih daripada 8 jam dan bakat semula jadi, Kek lapis kami bukan sahaja kelihatan mengagumkan tetapi enak di makan juga.

Tekan sini untuk melihat kek-kek lain yang kami sedia ada

Servis pengantaran antarabangsa dan tempatan tersedia atau pikap sendiri tersedia. Kalau ada pertanyaan atau tempahan, sila tekan sini atau hubungi/whatsapp kami di +6011-1988 6263. Terima Kasih.

Tekan sini untuk lihat kek-kek lain yang kami ada atau tekan sini untuk lihat cupcake you kian trending.

Ingin tahu bagaimana kek lapis Sarawak diperbuat? Sila tekan sini untuk resipi mudah.

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