Welcome to Cakes Corner! Where cake enthusiast and cake artisans alike gather. Aside from serving cakes we are also excited in sharing some simple cake recipes for anyone to try at home. Impress your friends and family members with your own homemade simple but impressive cakes for any occasion be it for a birthday party, valentine’s date, dessert after a family dinner and much more. Let your imagination run wild!

Why would anybody want to bake their own cakes? There are plenty of good reasons and benefits.

  1. It’s simply the best cake you will ever taste
  2. You know exactly what is in it, so you know what you eat
  3. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to learn to bake your very own cake
  4. This is as fresh as it gets, straight from your own oven
  5. You can control the ingredients. For instance, the amount of sugar.
  6. It gives pleasure to be self sufficient and not to mention a real stress reliever.
  7. You can experience a more intense flavor and less fillers.
  8. You can not only share but impress your friends and family with your new talent!

Below are the list of cakes that are searched most frequently for our fellow Kuchingnites. Therefore it is only right that we not only offer but help you impress love ones with this simplistic cake recipes!

Remember, cakes are like paintings, you do not need to follow the exact amount to create your own individual masterpiece. The recipes shown are just general guidelines, you can always modify the amount of sugar as per your taste. Use fresh ingredients always and most importantly, have a good time!

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If you need help or advice from the recipes given, please feel free to contact us or directly call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263.

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