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Pink icing cake on cake standBirthday Cakes have been a part of society and a norm growing up. Young or old, friends or family, this fantastic cakes has been an integral part in the party. It is that one special day to remind you when you were born and how long you have been enjoying your lives thus far. It is use as a celebrative pastry to bring sweetness into the event. Can you imagine a birthday celebration without a cake? Feels like a piece of a missing puzzle. So it is more important, on this memorable day, to have a special unforgettable cake on top of well wishes and presents! The best part about this eventful cake is that it now comes in all types, sizes, shapes, flavor and textures!

Here at Cakes Corner, we offer only the freshest ingredients and the best design followed by great taste for our birthday cakes. With our talented cake designers, we can bake and design a customized one-of-kind cake at your request and let your imagination run wild! Write names, wishes, decorate it with all the love and happiness! Be it ice cream cake, chocolate cake, crepe cake, cupcake, hello kitty birthday cake, we will make your wish come through. Just contact us to find out how. Or you can also go on the safe side and refer to the samples we have done below.

This moment comes once a year. Make it count!!

Ingredients Matter

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<span style=font size revert color initial>Often commercial bakeries have to balance out the cost of ingredients and other overhead cost against the final price but here at Cakes Corner with all the benefits of a home based premise we can reduce that overhead cost and instead use high quality ingredients<span>

Commonly when it comes to butter, most commercial places go for bulk butter to reduce the cost. The issue here is that the quality may not be the best. Fortunately for us, we have the room to use high quality butter imported from the New Zealand or from the US. As butter is one of the main ingredients in most cakes, it is absolutely necessary to have the best quality we can find. Once you try our cakes, you will definitely know the difference

This also applies for our other ingredients such as milk, cheese, flavorings and colorings. Often commercial cake stores get their colorings from our neighboring Indonesian suppliers. These coloring prices are more competitive but it will definitely stain the fingers and it is hard to come off, unlike the ones we use which are from America. So imagine consuming it!

When it comes to milk and cheese, we all know that New Zealand has the freshest air-flown branded products there is in the market. All these is possible because of the lesser overhead cost we have.

Our bakers and cake artists pride themselves on only serving the best quality cakes there is for a reasonable price.

How To Choose The Right Birthday Cake

Close up photograph of a pistachio cakeWhen it comes to ordering a cake, some of us may be overwhelmed by the many choices we can offer.

Below are some guides to help you choose the cake you want

  1. What age range is the lucky person? We can recommend the right cakes for kids, teenagers and adults because they all have different flavor and design preferences.
  2. To know what kind of cake you are looking for. Sponge cake? Cheese Cake? Ice cream?
  3. What kind of icing do you want. Fondant? Fresh Cream? Buttercream?
  4. Then there is the flavor. Would you prefer it Chocolate flavor? Banana? Nutella?
  5. Followed by what toppings or designs do you have in mind. M&Ms? Fruit toppings? Toy Figurine? Numeric toppers? Edible cake toppers?
  6. Based on your budget, we can recommend and create your one-of-a-kind cake!
  7. Make sure the ingredients used are of quality
  8. Make sure it is from a reputable cake artist and check out their masterpiece down below
  9. Contact us for further inquiries or to make the order
  10. Place a deposit and agree on the date, time and location
  11. Wait for the cake to arrive and enjoy!

How To Store Leftover Cake

How to keep cakes freshThankfully, cakes normally finish fast especially those from Cakes Corner. However, there are times we want to save part of the cakes for the next few days. It is important to know that two main culprits behind a dry and stale cake. They are none other than, heat and humidity; where it can cause the cake to be out of shape, loss of moisture or go moldy thanks to our Kuching climate.

One trick to maintain the freshness is to apply icing to the cut side of the cake. This acts as a seal against moisture loss from the cake. If that cannot be done, the next way is to press a piece of plastic wrap directly into the sliced side and make sure it sticks.

Due to our Kuching climate, it is best to store the cake in the refrigerator. Or the next best thing would be in an air-conditioned room away from sunlight. That way it can last 1-2 days while it can last 3-4 days in the fridge. Please be reminded to seal the cake, either in an air tight container or plastic wrap all over to prevent any unwanted fridge smells and moisture loss from the cakes. Although they are some cakes that can last in room temperature, depending on the type of cake you have for leftover, the safest way is to keep them refrigerated and sealed properly.

It is not advisable to freeze the cakes because some cakes such as cream cheese will end up with a different texture. Besides, with our cakes so tasty, there is no need to keep in for weeks. Unless of course it is a wedding cake whereby there are some traditions that a portion of the cake be consumed a year later (anniversary). To know more about storing leftover wedding cakes, please click here.

Since we do not use any preservatives, our fresh cakes are at its best as long as 3-4 days only. If you have any questions on how to keep your cakes based on the icing and ingredients, please contact us.

In the event that a cake does go stale even after proper storage, there a few tips and tricks you can do to still enjoy the cake!

  • Cake French Toast: Make French toast with slices of stale cake and have a fun sweet meal.
  • Cake Pops: Crush the cake and combine it with extra icing to make the filling for cake pops (a cake ball coated in chocolate on a stick. Like a lollipop)
  • Cake Shake: This is easy and simply the best choice. Blend the stale cake with ice cream to make this sweet shake indulgence treat.

Take a look at the other cakes we offer here or Sarawak’s famous layer cake here.

Want to be more adventurous? Create and design your very own cake with our simple recipe.

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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko

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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
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