Butter Cake as the name suggest is a cake made with butter as its main ingredient and flavor. It is one of the basic cakes everyone can start off as it is simple yet very delicious. It has a firm but moist texture complimented with a very rich buttery taste. Being perfect for tier designs, this basic confectionary can be the based for some of the best looking masterpieces one can think of.

The versatility of this confectionary is limitless. It can be used as wedding cakes, birthday cakes or any other cakes with custom designs in mind.

Here at our confectionary-loving Cake Corner, the butter cakes that come out from the oven are so intense with butter flavor that it can be eaten on its own. This rich butter taste cakes are like a white painting canvas ready to be drawn on and with all the artists in Cakes Corner, we can design your cakes to a work-of-art; as long as your mind can conceive, we will create.

So what are you waiting for? Let your imaginations run wild.

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With delivery service right to your doorstep or pick-up arrangements, this buttery goodness is just a click away! To learn more about delivery terms, please contact us or call/whatsapp us at 011-1988 6263

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