Dear coffee lovers,

You have never known a greater love affair aside from the relationship between you and coffee. You can’t even begin to describe the pain and torture when you’re  separated from coffee for just one day. There’s nothing quite like the sensation that coffee gives, the warmth and the palpable rapid heart beats (literally). You look forward to having coffee each day, because of the familiarity and comfort it brings. Comfort in knowing that it is part of your daily ritual to new beginnings every morning. Coffee motivates you, it is the sole supporter behind the extra hours and late nights that accumulate to your success. Coffee is your loyal and trusty friend.

The team here at Cakes Corner understands that special bond you share with your significant other, coffee. We would like to celebrate it by introducing our Cappuccino Cheesecake. It is the perfect blend of coffee powder and cheesecake with appropriate consistency and texture. Neither is the cream cheese overpowering nor is the coffee flavour distributed unevenly. Cappuccino Cheesecake is the suitable companion to your cup of coffee on lonely nights. Or in case of wine parties, let our Cappuccino Cheesecake fulfill your insatiable thirst for coffee while pleasing the crowd with its luscious and delectable taste.

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