Cheesecake or Cheese Cake, as the name describes, is a cake mainly made out of cheese coupled with flavors such as Oreo or chocolate. This popular sweet dish is commonly layered with the cheese at the thickest layer while being topped by complimentary toppings like blueberry or covered in Chocolaty goodness. Excitingly, there are two types to choose from, baked and non-bake cheese cake. As usual, the baked ones go through an oven while the non-bake type are refrigerated to completion.

Here in Cakes Corner Cheese Cake factory, we use the best quality and freshest ingredients for our cakes because, that’s the only way to bring out the cheesy goodness. Topped with flattering flavors such as Oreos, Chocolate, Blueberry or Nutella. The combinations are endless! Scroll below to look at all the cheesy goodness available.

This addictive cheesy cakes are so versatile, that it can be used as a dessert, as Birthday Cakes, for any kind of celebrations, or incorporated in all-time favorite Chocolate Cakes or just have them for the fun of it!

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