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Years of perfecting her skills in making the traditional Malay kek lapis has finally paid off for Cynthea Lee Hui Sin. Come Hari Raya, she is sought after for the colorful multi-layered cakes which are usually served in Malay homes during the festive season. A keen interest in baking has resulted in her choice of profession, a full-time baker. Cynthea used to bake cakes and biscuits just to fill her free time before she first got started on her career as a baker. News spread about her skill and she found herself baking most of the time. Initially, the hobby became a lucrative part-time profession and eventually chooses to start with her own business.

Cynthea’s variety of kek lapis is popular not only for the delicious taste, but also the interesting intricate patterns which actually become conversation pieces when served. She believes to become a good kek lapis maker, one has to be meticulous, patient and to acquire the techniques of handling the cakes which are delicate and are easily spoiled by unsteady hands. The process of making kek lapis is very tedious because it involves various stages. According to her, the most difficult stage to master is putting the final touches on the cakes and creating an interesting and attractive decoration. To watch a short video on how she makes these beautiful cakes, click here.

Cynthea often receives numerous orders from the public who come from as far away as Sabah and West Malaysia when festive season is around the corner. Besides baking kek lapis, Cynthea also specializes in wedding and birthday cakes.



Cynthea has been interviewed by numerous local magazines and also by television channels like Astro AEC and NTV7.  She has also served Sarawak ministers and head of states.


Agong Kek Launching of Dun Kuching

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Handing Gift To Tun Taib Mahmud (Former Chief Minister of Sarawak) at Islamic Centre Launching

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The Late Tun Abdul Rahman (4th Chief Minister of Sarawak) 80th Anniversary Cake









Alfred Jabu (Vice Chief Minister of Sarawak) Wedding Anniversary

Menteri Jabu Wedding Anniversary - resized









Competition organized by YB Datuk Hajah Fatimah (Sarawak's Ministry of Welfare, Women and Family Development)

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With Agnes Chang (Famous Cooking Show Host) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia











With Axian from ASTRO AEC

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To watch the full show, click here.

With NTV7

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Kino magazine

Cynthea Lee has that energy seldom found in a septuagenarian. And she simply can’t stop smiling. I liked her right off the bat and not just for the intricacy ofKino resized her Kueh Lapis designs. “Let me show you more” … “try this” … “have you eatend yet”… and it had only been 10 minutes since having met Cynthia. She is a professional local cake artist with a wide range of experience form baking, icing and decorating cakes for Heads of States being invite to television shows, with Astro. Cynthea Lee Hui Sin Joins 4 cake artists from China, Hong Kong and Brunei for an amazing icing and decorating cake experience.




Various Magazines

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