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Nutella Cheese Cake Recipe

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Nutella Cheese Cake

No-bake Nutella Cheese Cake

Cheese cake is an all time favourite for Kuchingnites and that is why, it is good to know a simple recipe for when the craving emerges. The best thing about this cake is that it can be prepared in two styles. First is an oven baked cheese cake and secondly, a no-bake cheese cake. Yes, you do not need to even own an oven to be able to make delicious cheese cake!

What happens when you want nutella and cheese cake together? You mix them both! What if you also want oreos? You mix them too! The flavors for cheese cakes are limitless! Here at Cakes Corner, we thrive to give you the simplest yet taste out-of-this world recipes to impress your friends and families. The recipe below is so easy that you do not even need to use the oven!

Enough of the suspense, refer to the picture below and prepare the ingredients needed. Then let’s get started!



Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko

2 sticks of cream cheese, ready in room temperature (8 ounces/230g)

½ cup of white sugar (100g) PS: you may not want to add as Nutella is already sweet

1 jar of Nutella (13 ounce/364g)

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (2.5g)

1 bar of Oreos


  1. First, blend or crush the oreos into fine pieces and placed it on a 9 inch tray and flatten it to form a crust for our cheese cake base.
  2. Secondly, in a large bowl, beat the cream cheese and sugar(optional) preferably with a hand mixer on medium speed until smooth.
  3. Then add the nutella and vanilla extract into the cream cheese and mix well until no streaks remain. You know it is done when it turn to a light brown color.
  4. Pour it into the crust and refrigerate it for at least 4 hours before serving.

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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
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Get Recipes from professional Pastry Chef Keiko
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